Black Woman. Savvy. Santi. Gold. more than Black Maybe. proud to know, more proud to learn. more. in the darkest hours, my blackness is what I find delight in. writer for right now, righter long as I’m in this skin.

Christina Santi

I have been reborn under midnight skies, many a night, eye to eye with the moonlight. Once it dawned on me that we are the constellations that were never lifted or lit enough to be seen with accuracy, I never looked to the skies the same. No pay due, or credit to; just pet names as the world ogles freely. juvenile mockery translated perverted homage. they say don’t be ever-so-concerned with the score, at least they didn’t say whore. and more: they are unable to admit to rathering magic witnessed thru the narrow scope to feel in control. if it weighed on the absent conscience, it’d knock america unconscious. anyway, let me stay on topic. Til the stop, watch this. Negrodamiss.

research the retro-active in protecting the paths to come. come find me deeply invested in 3rd dimension loss prevention, seeking out crypt keepers of the untold stories and vaulted glories. this on-the-fly destruction & re-construction of life is art. the past building the future through the present. with or without a blinded audience to approve, the truth still will shine on loop for our ancestors & those to follow behind.

Black Women, hear me on what I see. I’d love to share the view. how we’ve been the heartbeat of the city streets, the vibe of the party, the spark of the necessary fight. we confront doom, brighten & make room for the soul. we go beyond wishing wells & merely hoping that we will grow up and more open. hear me how. even without sight, our truest work is from within. warmer words, softer hands. from moment-to-moment. for self, preserve life. hear “me” now.

whether gloom or bloom, let’s do it proud. stew food for all black & broke souls, some who’ve never known themselves capable of receiving fully-fed love. we are learning what has always been, & what it once was then. the time for liberation is today, as it’s always been.

From The Heart,